Jennifer Letitia MD

Functional Medicine Physician

As a functional medicine physician, Dr. Jennifer strives to truly help people who are suffering from chronic and complex health issues and environmental toxicities such as heavy metals, Lyme and mold. There are many factors which contribute to disease, and identifying and addressing these is imperative to regaining and optimizing health. Dr. Jennifer understands that the body is an integrated whole, and addressing lifestyle factors and emotional well-being is also critical to living a healthy and fulfilled life. As a medical doctor, Dr. Letitia can use all forms of treatment as indicated or preferred by the patient, prescription or not.

Jennifer Letitia

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Using cutting edge medicine, Dr. Jennifer Letitia provides personalized, compassionate care to help patients achieve their best health. Through a science-based, functional medicine approach, Dr. Letitia will work with patients to identify the underlying causes and contributing factors of their health issues, and to provide individualized, targeted treatment that addresses the patient's concerns.


Originally a medical doctor trained in plastic and reconstructive surgery and hand surgery, Dr. Letitia changed her medical practice to Functional Medicine when, through her own health journey, she found that many health issues are not always recognized or comprehensively addressed by conventional medicine.Recently, Dr. Letitia was voted one of the top ten functional medicine & integrative MDs in Connecticut by Natural Nutmeg magazine!


Dr. Jennifer Letitia
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Wilton, CT 06897
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